Recovery Allied Prisoners of War and Internees:

Or “Retain All Prisoners of War Indefinitely” as the FEPOW named it.

RAPWI was formed in the SEAC; Burma, Thailand, FIC, Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, NEI

The mission was to find, provide medical care, administrate and evacuate from captivity.
On the 15 Aug 1945 they were tasked with recovering an unknown number PoW and CI in unknown locations of camps in unknown conditions.

RAPWI Hierarchy:

SEAC lead
JLPC co-ordination of ships and policy
RAPWI Main Control (Kandy, Ceylon)
RAPWI Sub Control
Rangoon for Thailand & FIC
Kandy for Malaya, Singapore & Sumatra
12th Army Burma
BPF Andamans & Hong Kong




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